Well, 2017 so far…

Hello everyone!

As you may see, I’m not great at updating sites. If you follow me on twitter Araneae twitter you will get all my updates, and all photos. Eventually everything else gets updated.

So what has 2017 had so far. Well, I worked with some wonderful people. Mark Page as usual we create some amazing work, get on his Patreon and get exclusive awesome images he’s never released!

I had a few personal and family things. My Grandmother turned 100 in February and received her telegram from the Queen. The next day my Mother broke her leg quite severely.  

In April my Father was taken ill and was rushed to hospital where, after 3 weeks of tests, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and a very short time to live. I then broke my leg late April, stopping my wrestling and personal training. On May 6th my Dad passed away surrounded by family.  This has been a hard time for us all, turning our worlds upside down and making us feel so lost. What my Father taught us is that we are a family of strong women and whilst he isn’t around anymore, the lessons we learned, we carry on with our heads high.

There will be a return to wrestling and training. My broken leg is an injury which I thought would heal quicker than it has. I’m still on two crutches and undergoing extensive physiotherapy to recover the muscle and flexibility.  I have every intention of getting back to doing everything I love as soon as physically possible.  Several Photoshoots are set up.  And I need to plan my calendar, so if you have an idea of something you want to see in 2018, let me know. I love inspiration. 

I got a puppy.  I spent a long time (3 years) without a dog in my house.  If you met Zak (my Mother’s Rottweiler cross Collie), you’ll know I have a love of large dogs.  Having one not in my house has left it quite empty. So as I went to microchip some puppies a couple of weeks ago, I fell in love with a little Siberian husky cross German Shepherd called Badger. 

He is a little terror, but will be coming with me to London and anywhere I can take him. He will also spend time with Kiwi at the Pub he manages as the ‘pub dog’. 

Prepare for Badger!

So, a rough beginning of the year, and a lot of heartache for me and my family. We continue as best we can.  Thank you all for your love and support. Your continual beautiful messages and little gifts really mean so much to me.

Love you all 



Ladies and Gentlemen. Changes are coming!

As you’re probably aware,  I’ve been keeping a low profile for the past 20ish months. There are reasons behind this,  which I will make apparent in a few weeks with another blog. I have been shooting with a very select few top photographers throughout, keeping the artistic juices flowing,

In the mean time, I’m excited to get back into working with you lovely people.

My calendar shooting of course has continued; I hate to disappoint you all, and if you’re still looking for one, there are a couple still available.

I have LOADS of images to share with you all. Bear with me, my hdd is dying and the images are safe, but I have limited capabilities to upload.


I’ll keep you updated.

Enjoy,  share and keep smiling.

Love Ari

Shooting, wrestling, filming and the knee!

Hello all!

So what have I been up to? Last week I sat on a throne in the woods and played with swords for a gorgeous ‘Dark Tarot’ theme. Dressed in beautiful rich velvet bell sleeved dresses and playing around with masks in the middle of the woods on a cute handcrafted wooden throne was a well needed break from the norm. I am sure the photographer will share the images at some point.

I’m planning next year’s calendar already.  I’ve had a lot of support from people telling me that this year’s was the best so far.  It’s hard to top that!  Shall I stick with the same photographer as last year, (Andy is a great photographer and you all seem to enjoy this calendar), or

I am slowly getting back into wrestling.  There is some pain still present (often a lot)  but avoiding standing and kneeling on that one knee isn’t too bad.  Sessions are still in the light, fantasy, roleplay, or specific (smothers, pins, domination, beatdown etc) genres.  The event in Belgium sadly got cancelled as a few more girls dropped out.

Last week I also met up with a producer in London looking to make a mini series based around female wrestlers.  I am casting 6 women for this role, see GooeyGrapplingGirls  for more details on that 😀

As I am not currently playing for my team this season, and I missed GB trials due to my knee,  I’ve decided to try and be useful and be there for the boys.  I have taken to the other side of the camera, and here is one of the images I’m proud of  from Sunday’s game.



That seems to be about it for now I think 😀


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