Knee update and such!


Sadly, I’ve had to cancel my tour to Brussels.  Two physiotherapists have been working on my knee and it is slowly dawning on me that this isn’t a sprained ankle or a broken finger.  My knee injury is quite a serious injury which is something I never thought I’d get and also one of my biggest fears.  Competitive wrestling and martial arts for now will have to sit on the back burner whilst I recover.  One of my Physiotherapists is used to fixing up soldiers so we have a good routine for healing coming along.   I will be able to return to semi competitive session wrestling in Mid April.

I shot some commercial swimming images on Friday 13th, the images should be floating around somewhere.  I shall endeavour to locate them and post them up ASAP.

Any good little boys and girls feel like cheering up your Domina, feel free to take a gander at my wishlist… Ari’s Wishlist

Modelling and Domination work is available and I’m still taking bookings for Munich in May at BoundCon.  I have a beautiful junior Suite in a four star hotel for four days that simply cannot go to waste!

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